Aunt Anna's is a shop that makes biscotti in Greensburg Pennsylvania, which is near Pittsburgh.

What is biscotti? Biscotti is a small, crisp, long and rectangular cookie, sometimes with nuts. Biscotti was first made in Italy, but all of Aunt Anna's biscotti is made in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

A woman named Anna Jo Noviello owns and runs Aunt Anna's Biscotti shop. Anna began selling her biscotti in 1993 from the Sunset Cafe Restaurant. The business is around 17 years old. Anna, Bobby and Renee are the 3 people who work for this business. Renee bakes and packages all the biscotti and Bobby and Anna run the business. This is a picture of Anna in her shop:

The biscotti at Aunt Anna's was served at a cafe named Sunset Cafe first, when it was first created. Aunt Anna's now sells their biscotti at restaurants all over Pittsburgh, like Crazy Mocha and McGinnis Sisters.

Some of the ingredients that are in this biscotti are:
Wheat flour, sugar, butter, margarine, eggs, flavoring, baking powder
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Aunt Anna's biscotti is located at this address: