Project GoalsYou will do research in the library to determine the route of a famous explorer of the Americas. You will plot the course of their journey on a map you create using the Canva app.
FIRSTQuestions to ask while you research
  • Where was my explorer going?
  • What route did they take to get there? Did they make any stops?
  • What was their goal for journeying there?
  • Why did they choose to travel to that destination?

Fill out your graphic organizer as you are researching!

Websites that could help

Track the route your explorer took by printing out a map you find online on one of these sites:

OR by using this online tool and creating the map yourself:

Canva Explorer Project Guidelines
Step 1: Save a picture of the map you are using by saving it to your computer’s desktop.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: In the “sign in” boxes at the top of the webpage, log in with:

Step 4: Click on the green “create a design” button. Choose the “magazine cover” layout.

Step 5: Choose a magazine cover layout by clicking the cover you want. Make sure it’s appropriate for our topic!

Step 6: Click on the “add a new page” button under the cover you choose. Create a 2nd page in your project, by selecting the table of contents page from the menu on the left.

Step 7: Click on “uploads” on the left menu. Click on “upload your own image.” Select the photo you want of your map to use as your background on your magazine cover page.

Step 8: Use the information you collected in your research to make your magazine cover and table of contents pages advertise and highlight your explorer’s journey and experiences!

FINISH UP: Choose “download” when you’re finished and have had a teacher approve your project.