4th Grade Pennsylvania History Research Project

Historical Landmark
Design a historical landmark post for Philadelphia. Include the year it was established and reasons Philadelphia was so important to the colony.

1. Why was Philadelphia important?
2. Britannica article about Philadelphia
3. Independence Hall (and facts about historic Philly)
4. History of Philadelphia
5. World Book article about Philadelphia
6. Location of Philadelphia-why it's important
7. Philadelphia lifestyle in the 1700s

Write a letter

Imagine you are a person living in Colonial Pennsylvania in the 1700s. Write a letter to a friend or family member in Europe telling them all about your journey to North America and what your life has been like since you arrived in Pennsylvania.

1. Colonial PA-what was it like when they arrived?
2. Pennsylvania Colony
3. What did the PA colony look like? (the PA colony was part of te Middle Colonies)
4. Fantastic voyage interactive site


Colonial Advertisement
Create an advertisement that will encourage Europeans to settle in Pennsylvania. Make sure you advertise all of the positives the colony has to offer.

1. Living in the colonial period
2. William Penn and American History
3. Pennsylvania from 1630-1700
4. Pennsylvania
5. Quakers of the Middle Colonies
6. Famous people in Colonial PA


Mrs. Jordan's class only!

Who was Benjamin Franklin?
Benjamin Franklin was important to Pennsylvania for many reasons. Research the many contributions he made to the colony of Pennsylvania and eventually the United States of America. Then make a mini book to share with the class.
1. Britannica article about Benjamin Franklin
2. World book article about Ben Franklin3. Get to know Benjamin Franklin